In 2001, Hangzhou Dongcheng Electronics Co.,Ltd set up Digital Equipment department. The first film plotter with biggest scnning size was launched into the market.

In 2003, Rotary inkjet Engraver into market.

In 2004, Chinese first Faltbed inkjet Engraver into market.

In 2007, Digital textile printer into market.

In 2008, Hangzhou Dongcheng Image Technology Co., Ltd. was set up, CTP was passed certification by Hangzhou technical innovation project committee.

In 2010, UV –CTS into market 

UV digital Flatbed Engraving System was obtained national technical innovation project award. As the first writer, DOSUN made the national standard of 《Computer To Screen Engrave》. 

In 2011, Thermal CTP and UV-CTP have been shown at the 4th All in Print China; In December 2011, Hangzhou Dongcheng Information Equipment Co., Ltd. was set up.

In 2012, DOIE-CTP series entirely upgrade, by upgrade laser control system, move control system, machining and precision of assembling, the platemaker could achieve stable, reliable printing quality.

In 2015, UV laser flatbed Engraver into market, DOSUN and DOIE combine into one, establishing the new Hangzhou Dongcheng Information Equipment Co.,Ltd.

In 2016, High speed flatbed inkjet engraver into market, fast in speed, high in precision, strong in stability.